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    Under 12 M 2017 - 2018

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      1st League Champions
      November 2015
      East League Champions
      December 2013
      West League Champions
      December 2012

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      • Mark Johnson has a tibia fracture and he’s gonna be out of the play for 2 months.
        September 18, 2016
      • Dominick R. Blink, a new Shooting Guard from San Francisco has joined the team!
        September 6, 2016
      • Christopher Grifin, a new Power Forward from Rockstar Bay College has joined the team!.
        August 17, 2016
      • Thomas Durry has a composed hand fracture and he won’t be playing untill September.
        August 17, 2016
      • Jeremy Rittersen left the team after 2 year in the club and his new house are the Clovers.
        August 12, 2016
      • Thomas Black, a new Defender from East Bay Institute has joined the team!
        July 17, 2016

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